manage time effectively as a student

How to Manage Time Effectively as a Student in Few Steps

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We all want to manage our time effectively but nobody can be a perfect timekeeper. However, some people are better at managing time better than other. As a student one would always be frustrated at the way time flies, after each day one would have only few times to carter for other things apart from academics. This issue brings about the question is there a secret to managing time effectively as a student? The answer has been left answered, which I will say yes to. As my grandma would always say, every second is a treasure once lost can never be regained. I also learned these tricks to manage time effectively from her.

1. Be determined to manage your time effectively

Before you start anything, ask yourself “is this worth doing?” if yes then it is worth doing well. As I would always say that “…determination isn’t the fire but the fuel to keep the fire burning”. If you would like to manage your time effectively be determined to do so and don’t start what you won’t succeed doing because of giving up. The footnote is that a student that values success will have to be determined.

2. Set goals and targets

Set time to get everything done e.g. I would wake up 5:30 am, I would be school by 7:15 am, I will read for 4 hours today. This will help you save your time once you get accustomed to the habit of setting goals and target.

3. Avoid procrastination

Never Leave a Chore till the next day. If possible do your laundry after each day, these will save the weekend for other better thing. Seize every opportunity to get something done. Make sure you study your book for at least 2 hours every night and have a good night rest to save more energy for the next day.

4. Work Smarter not Harder

If you are the type that is very lazy or sluggish you could get machines to do your work for you, this will, in turn, save stress and time. Moreover, we are in a world of technology, we have the dishwasher to clean up the plate, washing machine to do the laundry etc. Working smarter is not limited to getting a machine to get the work done but also increasing personally efficiency and speed.

 5. Be focused

Like determination, the focus will help you save time as you will eliminate the time wasted on getting distracted. You would also gain a lot while in class if you are really focused.

6. Live healthily

Bad health could downgrade one’s overall performance including time management and efficiency. Therefore, cultivating a healthy lifestyle will help one to manage time efficiently.

7. Be Happy

The last but not least; according to science people who are happy tend to be more time conscious and will wake up earlier than those who don’t. You may be wondering if this is true, tonight sleep happily and you will wake up a minute earlier.


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