Skill to be a Rich student or self-employed graduate

5 Digital Skills That Can Make You a Rich Student or Self-Employed Graduate

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1.  Computer

Networking Skill

Computer network has helped made the world a global village. Now you don’t need to wait for weeks to receive a reply to the mail you sent, as you can use the internet to communicate anywhere around the world in real time. In addition to that, virtually every organization uses networking either to let computers communicate together or pass information across to staffs. Quoting directly from a webpage “In 2011, computer network architects earned an average of $81,670 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.” This figure is quite enough to make one a rich student or self-employed graduate. One more advantage of acquiring Computer networking skills is that it doesn’t require 100% of your time – you can do it on part time and become a certified personal within 3 months.

2.     3D Animation skills

The use of animation has been on rise for decades, new technologies and. The advent of 3D graphics has also improved the standard of video games and has been heavily deployed in video advertisement, video comics, cartoons and many others. Apart from all those mentioned above, animations are also used in making funny video clips that could be posted on Youtube, Blog, and social media to yield revenue.
Despite the popularity of animation only few people have the ideas and skills to develop it. Therefore, being a professional animator, you would stand out and make a lot of cash. If you could dedicate few hours a day to learn it then you could be part of the 20 billion dollars industry and be a rich student or self-employed graduate.

3.   Web Design

To be frank almost everybody does this nowadays because the need for professionals with this skill is on the rise. Every business what to be represented online and they need someone to that for them, and if you could then you would earn bucks.
One problem people have with web design is that they have the false fear of “who would bring me a job when we now have do-it-yourself content management systems (like WordPress, Google Blogger, Joomla, WooCommerce etc).” This isn’t true as only a person who doesn’t want his business to grow would try to do what he is not good at which may ruin his business performance. Moreover, as a web designer you must be able to offer your client what CMS can’t do.
Get ready and dive into the world of web programming and web design and you could be the next biggest developer of our time – who knows you may jam a big contact.

4.  Blogging skills

Most people don’t believe when I tell them that without a blogging skill you can never be a great blogger. Blogging isn’t just sitting in the front of your computer and typing some words and post it on your blog. The art of blogging entails a lot of things like social media management, search engine optimization, some graphic design skill, a bit of web programming knowledge, monetization skills and ability to write great contents.
As a matter of fact, thousands of bloggers around the world are yet to make their first dollar after years of blogging while thousands are also smiling to the bank every month. As a student if you are serious and focused blogging could make you a rich individual – just learn the right way it’s being done. Use a top level domain and a host to be more professional in which you can get for less than $13 altogether for a year.

5.  Photography and Graphic Design

To be a rich photographer you have to get things right, stop using the old ways and explore numerous new ways to be better than others. For example, trying sell your photos on online platforms, participating in photography contests, be present to capture happenings that you could sell to new media for cash and being present at all events.
All this couldn’t take most of your time as a student, you can spare your weekends for that.

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